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Fun-fuelled Wellness Zone in progress.


….we all know what we want. What our passions are. The mark we’d love to leave on the world. How we desire to FEEL.

BUT, many of us don’t know how to get from where we are now to that place in our heart where we want to be.

And that’s where I come in.

I won’t tell you what to do….sorry but it doesn’t work that way.

What I will do is guide you. Help you dig deep.  Ask you questions that get you thinking…..excited….vibing about taking your next steps (be they big or small).

Most importantly, and above all else, we’ll do this in a way that is fun, memorable, and inspiring.

But why should you listen to me, and who the heck am I anyway?

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I have this “innate ability” to flesh out what’s at the core of things. That I have this “special way” of connecting with people that makes them feel comfortable, and I have an engaging personality that isn’t over the top, is fun-loving, and let’s face it a little bit quirky and weird.

On top of that I’m a qualified Personal Trainer (i.e. I’ve worked with many men and women to adjust their mindset in a way that makes working out, and enhancing their lifestyle a way of life), and I’m a Wellness Coach, which tied in nicely with my personal training business.

Coach seems to be a “buzz” word a the mo, and even though that’s what the title is, I much prefer Cheerleader, or Guide, or that person in your corner of the boxing ring giving you water. 

I get that everyone is different, and everyone approaches situations in their own way. Being an adaptable, fluid Piscean (that’s what I blame my flakiness on), I connect on a level of understanding that works for both sides, I can’t explain it but I just get it. I gel with it. I can flow with it. Cheer you on.

I’m passionate (sooooo passionate) about helping people like you, contribute to the world in a way that is in alignment with your values, and vision, and passions.

My passion is to get you to live your passion….hehehe do ya like that one, huh, huh? #cheeseball 

But in all seriousness, and this is about as serious as it gets, I believe in fun, gratitude, joy, and creating memorable experiences. When we incorporate all those elements into our day our passions get ignited, our creativity flows, and our heart is filled with so much love that we can’t help but continue on our path doing what we believe in.


What do you believe in?

What do you want to contribute?

How do you want to live each day?

And why?

If there is something you’ve been working on for awhile but can’t seem to untangle the knots, email me.

If you know what you want yet still need to find clarity, email me.

If you want to have a chit-chat about working together, email me.

If you have this amazing vision and need someone in your corner with pompoms cheering you on, email me.

You can do what you want to do while remaining true to who you are.

So please, email me….or click the “SAY HI” link in the menu and connect that way.

Either way, let’s do this, and let’s do it in a way that feels freakin’ amazing.

That’s me, over and out *mic drop*

Misty xoxo


I’d love to connect with you as soon as we’re done in the digi-verse.

Enter your details below and you’ll be in the know from the word GO.

Mucho gratitude, Misty Johnson x

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